March 31, 2012

Young Adult Review

Have you heard about the movie Young Adult? You may not have, it seemed to fly under the radar for the most part. I'm not sure why. It stars Charlize Theron and is by the same dude that made Juno and Up In The Air.

It is essentially a story about a crazy person. Not so much crazy as delusional I guess. The plot has its roots in a familiar premise. The pretty girl from high school went out and made it in the big city and now she is returning to her small-town origins. The notable difference in Young Adult is that she actually hasn't made it big. She hasn't even made it out of the state. It is only in her mind that she has done anything with her life.

March 25, 2012

21 Jump Street Review

My wife and I decided it was time for a date night. What better to do on a date than go to a movie. Without a lot to choose from, we decided on 21 Jump Street.

You may not have heard but The Huger Games came out with weekend. There were several reasons why we didn't want to see that. One of which is that I'm currently trying to read the first book. I'm not finding the appeal but I am trying to force myself through it. If I watched the movie theres no way I would finish the book. We were both in the mood for a comedy anyway.

March 13, 2012

All caught up on Breaking Bad

Over a week ago I finished the 4th season of Breaking Bad. My initial reaction was one of amazement at how great they were able to wrap that season up. I've had some time to step back and think about it, and I am still impressed with what they were able to do over the last 3-4 episodes.

From the beginning I've watched all the seasons in bursts of 2 or 3 episodes at a time. I never had to wait week to week. There were times at the beginning of season 4 where the show seemed to spin it's wheels. I didn't notice the effect much because I could blow through it so quickly. If I had to wait a week between each episode for ep. 3-8 I might have gone crazy. The show was never bad, but there was a lot of stuff that felt like "filler." Walt was MIA though much of the first half of the season. I mean, he was on screen, but he didn't seem to be doing anything. I had no clue how they were going to wrap it up, but they did an excellent job.