February 5, 2022

The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall is another Western on Netflix. This one is quite a bit different than The Power of the Dog. It was recommended to me as a fun movie with cool western scenes.

It is an all black cast featuring Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Regina King, & Zazie Beetz. It adheres to all of the classic western tropes but uses modern music and language. I haven’t seen a classic western in a while, but these scenes were easily recognized as throw-backs to classic movies that I can’t exactly name.

I loved the vibe of this movie. I agree it was a lot of fun. It is intense, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I didn’t love the plot. Mainly because the actions of some characters just didn’t make a ton of sense to me. It all culminates in a bit of a surprise ending. I think the surprise itself was interesting, but the way it was executed didn’t satisfy me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this film. It captures the fun of a western, and has plenty of action and violence as well. For me there wasn’t enough substance. As soon as I finished it I didn’t really think about it again.

Strangely, this is one of those films I could totally see myself sitting down and watching again. I actually think it would reward a second watching and I might get more out of it.