March 4, 2023

Banshees of Inisherin

In Bruges
was such a great movie. I was excited to see Collin Ferrel & Brandan Gleason team up for another romp. I didn’t quite understand what I was in for with Banshees of Inishiren. I absolutely loved this movie, but it was bleak. In fact, I think this movie was about hopelessness. Yet, it still remained fun to watch. This was a great film that I am looking forward to revisiting. 

Collin Ferrel lives on a small island. There isn’t much going on. There isn’t much potential. It is a place of routine. It is a pretty depressing place. It gave me the feeling of rats in a cage. There isn’t any potential. There isn’t much chance of getting out. 

Collin spends his days doing chores around the house and then going to the pub and chatting with his best friend. Then one day his best friend decides he doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. From there things unravel. It is clear these people feel like they don’t have anything to lose… except maybe a precious little donkey. 

This movie is heartbreaking and funny at the same time. It is a difficult needle to thread, but this movie does it expertly. I am not going to delve deep into this movie in this post. If you have HBO Max you should absolutely watch this movie. If you don’t, it is worth buying or renting on the on-demand service of your choice. 

I plan to watch Banshees again before I try to write about it in-depth.