November 28, 2011

Maybe 'We Bought A Zoo' isn't gonna totally stink

When I saw the commercial for the film We Bought A Zoo I completely wrote it off, not even realizing it was a Cameron Crowe film. I've really enjoyed what he has offered up in the past.  Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire are both memorable movies that have plenty of re-watchability. Even though Elizabethtown didn't get much love, I thought it was decent and pretty charming.  Maybe We Bought A Zoo was coming too close on the heels of Kevin James's Zookeeper, but for some reason I assumed it was going to be a major stinker.

November 3, 2011

The League on FX

I am a recent fan of The League on FX. I heard about because season one was on Netflix, so I decided to check it out. It was only 6 episodes, but it was great. I loved the style of humor and the interaction between characters.

 By this time season 2 was already over, and I couldn't find any way to watch it. I dvr'd a few reruns on FX, but didn't even see half the season. Not that continuity really matters much in the show, but I saw them totally out of order as well. Season three is a few episodes in, and I am becoming even a bigger fan.