Hi! I'm Deric. I've had this blog since 2008. It was originally created for me to review movies. I used to be really into movies, and felt the need to write about them on the Internet.

Around the time I had my first kid I stopped having time to watch so many movies. I definitely stopped having time to then write about the movies I did see.

All these years later and this site is still around even though I hardly ever post. I have transitioned it to be more of a general purpose blog. I might write about a movie or TV show from time to time, but I also might write about productivity or technology.

Through my years of work, I have continually become more interested in personal productivity. Even though I am interested in it I have not mastered it. I think it would be a good exercise for me to go through my entire productivity system as it exists right now. I am going to re-start my blogging hobby with this productivity series. By writing it out I hope to gain more clarity for myself about what is and isn't working. Hint... email isn't working.

Send me a message at pretendcritic@gmail.com. I'd be happy to hear from you.