November 28, 2008

#001: First Movie-blog Post

     I am a self-identified non-blogger. However, last year I started a blog for me and my wife. I thought it would be cool to start posting things for my friends and family to read. I mean, I realize that blogging hasn't been cool since 2006, so I didn't literally think I would be considered cool because I started a blog. I just thought it might be nice to write little anecdotes, little snippets, about my life so everyone could know what I am up to. Every time I started creating a post I thought about how boring it was, and how self-serving it seemed. Therefore, I never post anything on our blog.

     With that being said, I somehow still feel the need to write about things. I am naturally a critical person, and always feel the need to share my opinions about things whether I am asked for them or not. I thought maybe it would be good for me to start another blog that would allow me to rant about topics that are on my mind, while at the same time not feeling the need to fill people in on what I have been up to. I really don't know what format this blog is going to take, but as you can probably tell by the title, I would like to pretend I am a movie critic.

     I love watching movies. I love to talk to people about movies. I even love to listen to other people talk about watching movies. I have always thought that being a movie critic would be a pretty sweet job. Hopefully this blog will give me a a taste of what it feels like to be a film critic. I am doing it more for myself than anything else. I commonly have reactions to movies in my head that I feel should be written down for my own purpose of reflecting on them at some later date. However, I have no incentive to take the time to record these thoughts, so they just pass by the wayside and are lost forever. Ideally, this blog will give me the motivation I need to write those things down. By putting it on a blog I will hopefully force myself to do a decent job, and keep up with it fairly regularly. I am not making any promises however.

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