December 18, 2008

#005: Re-Watching The Classics

I have really been wanting to watch Ghost Busters lately. I really can't explain why, I just want to see it. I was at Target a few days ago and they had some special edition copy for $7.50. I was so close to buying it, but something stopped me. At the time I really didn't think about it. Then later on, I was thinking about it, and I started wishing I would have purchased it. The same uncomfortable feeling came over me. Then I realized what it was...

I loved Ghost Busters as a kid. Just thinking about it brings back all these great memories. I can remember how much fear I felt during some scenes, and how much joy I felt in others. The thing is, I haven't see the movie for 15 years, if not longer. I am almost scared to watch it again for fear of ruining all these fond memories I have of it. I know it won't garner the same level of tension and fear that it once did. But will re-watching Ghost Busters just kill this great aura that in my mind surrounds this movie?

Several weeks ago I recorded Christmas Vacation on my DVR and we decided to watch it this past week. This is another movie I haven't seen in at least 10 years. When I thought about this movie it also made me to think about watching it with my family around the holidays, and all the laughter it allowed us to share. In my mind this movie was comedic genius that was unrivaled by any other holiday film, except for maybe Bad Santa. I watched it, and I laughed. I noticed some funny things that I was probably too young to understand the last time I had seen it. But overall, the movie just didn't live up to the wonderful memories I had of it. I am not really disappointed that I watched it, but at the same time my experience with it creates apprehension about re-watching other movies that I have distinct memories for. I think Ghost Busters is a good enough movie to hold up over the years. I am sure I will very much enjoy watching it again. There are some other movies though, that I may be embarrassed to watch again because they are so horrible. I thought about it a lot and here is my list of movies that really stuck out to me as a kid, and I haven't seen since, but should maybe never sit down and watch again. The year next to the movie is the year it was released, not the year I watched it. Most of them I probably didn't see right when they came out. Some of them I probably didn't see until many years later. I can't remember exactly how old I was when I watched them.

- The Adams Family (1991)
- The Great Mouse Detective(1986) :I absolutely loved this movie. I owned it and have probably seen it 70 times, but haven't watched it since I was 12.
- Ernest Goes To Camp (1987)
- 3 Men And A Baby (1987)
- Short Circuit 2 (1988): Another one we owned and I watched a lot, but haven't seen since. I liked me some Johnny-5.
- The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)
- Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985) : I actually would really like to watch this one again. I might add it to my Netflix queue right now.
- Teen Wolf (1985)
- Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (1989)
- Turner & Hooch (1989): I can clearly remember going to the theater to see this movie with my grandmother and cousin. I was embarrassed cause I cried at the end. I was probably only 7.
- City Slickers (1991): Another movie I can remember going to see at the theater right when it came out. I haven't seen it since.
- Gremlins (1984) :I can remember watching this at home with my family and being scared out of my mind, but I can't really remember anything else about it.
- Labyrinth (1986) :Yes, the puppet movie with David Bowie. I loved it.
- The Neverending Story (1984) :Again, I can't remember anything about this movie except for the flying dog, and how much I liked it.
- Critters (1986) :I can't really say I loved this movie, but it totally scared the shit out of me. It was probably the most traumatic hour and 20 minutes of my life.
- Indiana Jones, Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981): I just watched the most recent Indiana Jones movie and hated it. I think I should re-watch this one to re-capture my respect for Indy.
- Batman (1989) : "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" I will never forget that line. I have wanted to watch this movie again for a while, but I still haven't seen it. I probably haven't seen this movie since 1990.

So, what do you think? Should I watch any of these movies again? What are some movies that really stuck out to you as a kid? Have you watched them since and was the magic ruined? I would love to read your feedback. Post your comments here or email me at

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