January 17, 2009

#010: Cool Stuff / Most Anticipated

I had a couple cool things happend to me this week. First, this week on the filmspotting podcast they mentioned my name for donating money to the show. They also mentioned that I am from Rogers, Arkansas and work as an engineer at JB Hunt. I thought that was pretty cool. You probably don't know what the heck filmspotting is, so I will enlighten you. It is a weekly podcast with two guys from Chicago named Adam Kempenaar & Matty Robinson. They review movies, and do "top 5" lists for all sorts of different things relating to movies. I really enjoy listening to them. They give me tons of great ideas for movies that I need to watch that I otherwise probably wouldn't hear about. You should give them a try. They have all of their old episodes archived. I would suggest going back and finding an episode in which they review a movie that you have seen, and had a strong reaction to.   It should be interesting to hear their take on it. At least go and listen to the show that was posted yesterday (1/16/2009) and skip ahead to the 1:05:00 minute mark. That is where they mention my name. Yeah, I realize I am a dork, but I don't care. It is still cool for me.
The other exciting news for me is that this past week I ordered a PS3. It should be delivered on Monday!  This means I can now watch movies in HD with the blu-ray player.... SWEET. The best part is that Netflix offers blu-ray for a very very minor fee. So now if a movie in my queue is available in blu-ray, they will send that instead of a normal DVD. I am pretty pumped. Oh, I heard you can also play games on a PS3. I don't know much about that part, but it is supposed to be pretty fun. If anybody has any suggestions for some PS3 games that I should check out, I welcome your input.
If you notice I added a poll to the blog. I will continue to have something up there to vote on as long as I can continue to think of questions to ask. Any ideas for questions are welcome.
On to my most anticipated films of the next few months. These are movies that should be coming out on DVD soon, or are already out, that I am really looking forward to watching. Maybe this will give you some ideas for movies that you can add to your queue.

12. Lakeview Terrace
11. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
10. Zack & Miri
9. Synecdoche, New York
8. Hunger
7. The Fall
6. Let The Right One In
5. Rachael Getting Married
4. My Winnipeg
3. Slumdog Millionaire
2. The Wrestler
1. Role Models

- deric

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