April 27, 2009

#025: Role Models

Role Models is the newest edition to the foul comedy genre that has formed over the past few years. If these type of movies are your thing, then you will probably enjoy it. I had a really great time with this movie. I liked it even better than Superbad, which I thought was a very good comedy. Role Models seems to follow the same formula of using very bad language to deliver what turns out to be a semi-sweet story in the end. I thought the acting was great with very good interactions between characters that allow them to feed off of one another. I especially enjoyed this movie because I seemed to share some odd connection with the main character Danny, played by Paul Rudd.
He works for an energy drink company.
- I drink energy drinks.
 He aspires to be married, and work as an engineer.
- I am married, and I work as an engineer.
He is sarcastic, sometimes mean, and always looks at the negatives in life.
- I am sarcastic, not ballsy enough to actually be mean but I do think it in my head, and I always look at the negatives in life.
 At fist I thought Danny's personality and style of comedy was awesome; something I wanted to strive for. Then I realized it is the one thing that everybody hates him for. It made me consider the fact that I may be becoming bitter and angry at the world, and maybe I should do something to stop it before it gets out of control. For example, the other day I was driving down the interstate when a car passed me going well over the speed limit, pulled in front of me and braked to take the exit. I was also taking that exit, and ended up pulling next to her at a stop light a little later. I looked over and saw some hill-jack woman shoving fast food in her face. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to drag her out of her car and beat the shit out of her right there in the intersection. I mean... is that bad? Here is another one. There is a woman that works at my company that wears a tiny backpack. Those stupid little purse backpack things weren't even cool when it was socially acceptable to be seen wearing one... which was at least 10 years ago. She looks like a very nice woman, and I have no reason not to like her, but when I see her wearing that tiny backpack I just want to strangle her with one of the straps. I guess this movie would suggest that I volunteer at Big Brothers, Big Sisters... and maybe I should. Anyway, I loved the movie and would definitely recommend it if you aren't offended by dirty words or live action role playing.


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