August 26, 2009

#035: Junebug

The first film I ever saw Amy Adams act in was Enchanted; the real-life Disney film where she stars opposite Patrick Dempsey. While I didn't really love the film, I thought she did an awesome job playing that innocent princess character. I found her to be very charming, and pretty cute. I was an instant fan. I wanted to see her in different movies and watch her masterfully act out a wide array of different characters. Therefore, I watched a small film she was in called Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. I quickly realized she was acting out the same naive girl, but this time a lot more bitchy and annoying. Then earlier this year I heard she was teamed up with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt. I thought for sure I would see her flex her acting muscles here. However, she once again plays a naive innocent girl, this time dressed up as a nun. Aside from her accent in Miss Pettigrew, she even used variations of the same voice in all three films. I heard mention of another movie she had done back in 2005, before she had been typecast, called Junebug. I put it on my Netflix queue a few months ago, and just this past month it finally made its way to the top.

Junebug is an indie film about a guy returning home after 3 years of being gone. He has broken away from his small town roots and now lives in Chicago. He was recently married to an older woman who owns an art studio, and they are all kinds of classy. She finds a prospective new artist she would like to feature in her gallery, and he just happens to live close to her hubby's hometown. They decide to make the trip together so she can get her first introduction to the in-laws.

Overall this was a pretty good film. It has a good vibe to it and I really enjoyed going along for the ride with this family. It is also very funny. It is definitely not a comedy, but I found myself laughing a lot. It has the indie feel to it, and it is very character driven. The plot will seem like it wanders, and in the end feel incomplete when compared to most movies. The one character that really steals the show in this film is the one played by Amy Adams. Guess what... she plays a naive girl with child-like innocence, this time adding a thick southern accent to her standard voice. Her character here felt like an even more exaggerated version of the other three I mentioned. Looking at the movies chronologically, she is actually toning it down a little bit as time goes on. Her portrayal of her character in Junebug is great. She completely takes over the film and is even more charming than she was in Enchanted. As far as Junebug goes, I liked it a lot, and think it is worth checking out. It has some great scenes, and I really enjoyed watching the family dynamic.

Now back to Amy. From looking at her imdb profile I just realized she is the purse saleswoman from the tv series The Office. I cannot believe I didn't realize that before. I haven't seen her episodes for a long time, but if I remember correctly she plays an attractive, slightly naive girl that Jim goes on a few dates with. I also see she was in Talledega Nights. I can't remember her character that well, but I am pretty sure she played an innocent, most likely naive, "nice" girl that was always there for Ricky Bobby. Amy Adams... what the hell. I have seen you in 6 roles, and they are all essentially the same. Has anybody else noticed this? I see she was also in Underdog and Charlie Wilson's War. I haven't seen either of those but I have CWW on my DVR. In the next few months I am going to watch a couple other movies of her's: Sunshine Cleaning and the new Night At The Museum movie. I wasn't planning on watching Night At The Museum, but I heard Amy's butt is a vision to behold in her Amelia Earhart pants. That is enough to make me sit down and watch, or at least skip through and find her scenes. Is that creepy? Anyway, she also has the new Julie and Julia movie that just came out in theaters. I will probably check that one out on dvd. Has anybody seen these other movies? Does she branch out, or does she play the same role she always does? Does anybody else even think she plays the same character all of the time? Don't get me wrong, I really really like Amy Adams, and she is definitely one of the better actresses out there. She will always be on my radar, and I will always look forward to seeing her on screen.


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