November 2, 2009

#046: The Girlfriend Experience

     The Girlfriend Experience received quite a bit of buzz amongst the critics when it was released. If I am going to pretend to be a film critic, I need to watch movies like this. Therefore I added it to my Netflix queue and waited for its dvd release. I got it in the mail the other day and decided to sit down and see what all the fuss was about. Part of the hype was due to the fact that the lead is played by an adult film star, Sasha Grey. Even though she has "appeared" in several movies, I would not consider her an actress... and it showed. While her acting might seem Oscar worthy when compared to other porn stars, it just doesn't hold up in an actual film. The Girlfriend Experience feels like an assignment submitted by college students who spent way too much time trying to make it seem meaningful when there was no substance there to begin with. I hated this movie and got absolutely no enjoyment from watching it. Any guys tempted to watch it just because of Sasha Grey will also be disappointed. The subject matter of this film actually has the potential to be interesting, but it is presented in a awkward style, making it all seem pointless. The movie is riddled with annoying conversations about the economy. Similar, yet likely more interesting, conversations can be heard at coffee shops across the country. It left me wondering what BS the characters would have talked about if this movie were made in a time of economic prosperity. Combine the inane dialog with the horrible acting, and this movie is a perfect storm of unwatchability. I understand that the conversations are meant to be meaningless because she is pretending to talk to her Johns on their "dates". However, this fact does not make them anymore exciting to listen to.


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