March 8, 2010

#066: Post Oscar Thoughts

I watch the Oscars for the spectacle of it all.  I usually don't care about any of the categories, but I am interested to see who takes best actor/actress, and of course the best picture.  This year was no exception.  Most of the predictions came true.  The only surprises were surrounding which presenter would screw up, and how many acceptance speeches would be obnoxious and/or embarrassing.
In my last post I eluded to the fact that Avatar should win the best picture.  I don't really believe that Avatar was the actual best picture of the year.  Nor did I think it was a lock to win.  I was merely bringing up the fact that tons of people watched Avatar, and almost nobody watched The Hurt Locker.  The casual Oscar viewer, they will be rooting for Avatar because they went to the theater and loved it.  The film snob they will be rooting against Avatar on all accounts because it was embraced by the masses therefore proving it is an idiotic, banal film.  Film critics like to bitch.  It is what they do for a living.  Most critics are going to complain no matter who wins, but they will all tune in to the Oscars next year.  The general public, however, may be willing to throw in the towel on the awards show now that their beloved Avatar didn't win.  That, along with The Dark Knight not even being nominated last year, could alienate many of the "common folk" who aren't interested in the "pretentious" films that always win the awards.  Not saying it is going to happen, I am just making an observation.  There are lots of other people out there who just wanted to see Avatar fail.  They knew lots of people liked it, so they automatically developed an aversion to it.  Those people don't watch the Oscars anyway.  They just look at the results and make snarky comments about it.

Overall I am happy that The Hurt Locker got so much recognition.  It is a very well made film that many people have missed out on.  Now that it won best picture, I am sure tons of people are going to go out and rent the dvd.  I am glad more people will now see it.  It is a safe statement to say The Hurt Locker is a better film.  I just never really thought it would edge out Avatar for the award this year.  It is hard to ignore a film that makes more money than any other film has ever made... ever. 

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