May 10, 2010

#078: Triangle (7/10)

At the heart of every film is a story.  That story might be simple, complex, happy or sad; but that narrative will untimely determine how well you like the film.  Triangle tells a very interesting story.  It didn't have the money or star power behind it, but this film still works on so many levels.  Whether you find this experience to be very derivative, bewildering, or genius; it will at least make you think.  The visual effects aren't the greatest. Sometimes you might feel like you are watching a b-level movie.  Still, the story is pretty great and I had a ton a fun with it.  7 out of 10.
Triangle tells the story of a group of acquaintances out sailing when they suddenly run into some bad weather.  The storm capsizes the boat and leaves them stranded on the open sea.  Luckily an ocean liner passes by, allowing them to board.  However, once they are on the boat things are not as they may appear.

It is really difficult to discuss this film without giving anything away, so there will be some mild spoilers.  This is one of those movies that once you have seen it, you just want to talk about it with somebody.  The trailer itself gives away a big plot point that I didn't even know going in. It isn't a major spoiler, as you figure it out pretty early on in the film.  We are basically watching this girl who is caught in a time loop.  The same events are repeating over and over again.  Her initial ignorance of the loop, then her subsequent attempts to break the loop all result in that loop repeating exactly the same every time.

The story seems very complex.  It is one that I want to watch over again to ensure everything syncs up correctly.  There were some plot points that didn't totally seems to jive up the first time around.  However, these were few, and I have a feeling it was my lack of attention that caused the discontinuity.  In the process of watching this convoluted series of actions play out, you never quite know what to make of it all.  The film doesn't give you the ability to step back and think about the greater implications of what is going on.  However, by the end I felt like it made total sense.  I have only one theory about exactly what was happening.  I would be interested to discuss this film with somebody else who has seen it to compare.  However, it is such a small obscure film that it is unlikely many people have seen it.

Triangle noticeably didn't have a lot of money to throw around when it was being made.  I think the director and producer did a great job with what they had though.  While it may not have the best visual effects, it is able to succeed where so many other thrillers fail.  I was completely engaged by the story from beginning to end.  While the ending didn't really surprise me, it also wasn't one that I saw coming from the start.  Its not really a twist ending as much as it is the last stroke of the pencil that closes off a circle.  If you have Netflix instant you should not hesitate to watch this film.  It will be worth your time.  If you do not have Netflix, you might have a hard time finding this little gem; but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

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