June 16, 2010

#083: The Room (3/10)

Last week I was on vacation.  While I was taking a break from work, I also took a break from film.  I only watched one movie over the past 2 weeks.  It is actually a stretch to even call the one I watched a "movie". It had actors and a slight semblance of a plot, but that is about all. I am looking forward to catching up with a few movies this weekend.

The Room (2003) is quite possibly the worst film I have ever seen.  There is nothing about the plot that makes any sense.  Scenes don't flow at all from one to the next.  The dialog is completely nonsensical.  It was so bad that it became very humorous.  I would encourage everybody to watch The Room.  If nothing else, it will surely make the next film you watch seem like a masterpiece by comparison.  It is really hard for me to assign a score to this film because it is so bad.  If I were basing my scores on quality, it would need to receive a negative number.  However, it was fairly watchable... 3 out of 10.
To attempt a plot synopsis with The Room will require a certain level of reading between the lines.  Basically it is about a guy and a girl that are about to be married.  She realizes she no longer loves him, but rather has fallen for his best friend.  She seduces said best friend into having some sex with her, and you can imagine what happens from there.  While you were reading that last sentence you probably assigned some coherent plot based on other films with similar subject matter.  That short "movie" that just played in your head was of much better quality and made infinitely more sense than anything you will see in The Room.

Watching and discussing film has made it clear that "good" acting is somewhat subjective.  However, in The Room there is no question that the acting is atrocious.  It is so bad that it is hard to believe they were even trying.  Most high school productions have way better acting that what is brought to the table here.  There were so many moments that were so bad that it became funny, and almost enjoyable to watch.  If they were just kinda bad it would have been dull and annoying.  Here they were so lousy that it was hard to believe they weren't purposefully making it so shitty.

The Room has a large cult following. It is still screened from times to time to packed theaters.  They audience will bring plastic spoons to throw at the screen and a football to toss around.  There will be moments where the audience will all say a line in unison.  This might be the only way one could watch this movie multiple times.  It would definitely be more enjoyable if you were also drunk.  Like I said... it was so bad that it actually started to become good.  However, there was a stretch during the second half that started to get very tedious to watch.  The poor quality wasn't quite so funny anymore, and the acting just got annoying.

Once again; if you have not seen The Room you should try to track it down. It is worth watching just so you can say you have seen one of the worst movies ever made.

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