September 30, 2010

#097: Son Of Rambow (8/10)

This entire last week I have been feeling like total crap. I've taken all sorts of cold medicines, and allergy medicines; most of them making me really sleepy  I have sat down to watch a few movies, but have fallen asleep within the first 20 minutes every time. I tried to watch The Men Who Stare At Goats the other day and I was out by the 5 minute mark. On Saturday I was once again feeling lousy, so I layed down on the couch and started up Son Of Rambow. There were definitely moments where I wanted to close my eyes, but I was able to stay awake through the entire film. I'm glad I did because I enjoyed the heck out of it. If I had to give it a score, which I don't... but I am going to anyway, I will give it an 8 out of 10.
I really had no clue what to expect with this one, but I am always up for a well made indie film.  I'm even more impressed when said film is able to create genuine characters that are believable and fun to watch.  I am definitely a sucker when those characters are kids.  In fact, this entire movie lives in the world of pre-teen boys.  It is amazing that the director was able to take that setting and make a touching, yet humorous movie.

Son Of Rambow has a certain charm to it that doesn't feel faked, and isn't overdone. It was able to hit all the right notes while bringing us a movie packed with all sorts of stuff.  Most obviously it is a satire about making movies, and all the stages the cast and crew go through on their way to stardom.  It is about the purity of the indie film, as well as the scandal and politics of the Hollywood blockbuster.  All of those things worked well, but I was also impressed with the more nuanced and serious themes behind the film.  It doesn't get too bogged down in emotion to take away from the fun spirit of the film, but it also give you enough that you don't feel like you are watching a meaningless flick.

If you have Netflix instant you need to watch Son Of Rambow.  It is fairly short, and I feel like it is definitely worth your time. It isn't a perfect film, and might stroll along at a leisurely pace most of the way, but I very much enjoyed all the time I spent with the characters.

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