January 1, 2011

2010 Stats

Back in 2005 I did a summer semester in college. Nobody was around and I had the Blockbuster pass to watch as many movies as I wanted. I was burning through dvds like you wouldn't believe. I decided to start keeping track. Since then I have documented the title, date, and some other random info for each and every movie I watch. Here are my stats for 2010.

I watched 124 movies in 2010.
63 dvds from Netflix
49 streamed on Netflix Instant
6 in the theater
6 (other)

The average cost per movie for my Netflix subscription was $1.82.

2010's 124 movies is the highest total since I've been keeping track.
2009: 91
2008: 118
2007: 85
2006: 96
2005: 99

Most movies in a single month this year was May with 16 films, followed by January with 15 and December with 14. The least in a single month was November with only 5.

I watched 48 movies on Saturdays, by far the highest for any day of week. 28 on Fridays, 23 on Sundays.

I realize it is pretty nerdy to keep track of all that, but I always enjoy having that info and being able to look back.

I used to keep track of my top 10 movies each year, but I have given up on that.  Everybody puts out a top 10 list at the end of the year nowadays, and I don't feel the need to add mine to the multitude.  I don't see a lot of the big favorites until the following year anyway, so my list always feels lacking.  I will say that I caught up with some great older movies in 2010 that I had missed out on previously.  For the most part the new movies were a disappointment with some notable exceptions.  I only made it to the theater 6 times for the entire year... that is about normal for me.  I was lucky enough to see Shutter Island, Inception, Jackass 3D, and True Grit on the big screen. I am sure I missed out on some great ones, but I will catch them on bluray soon enough.

I am looking forward to watching a lot more movies in 2011.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I won't make it to 124 this year. I probably won't even make it to 100.  Maybe in 2011 I will go for quality instead of quantity as my time will be much more constrained.  Every year on the first of January I watch a film. I'm not sure what it is going to be tonight.  Maybe I will finally pop in that bluray of The Karate Kid that has been sitting on my shelf since late October.

I hope you all have an enjoyable start to the new year, and watch some wonderful films in 2011. I look forward to chatting about movies with you in the months to come.  Thanks for reading. I will keep posting.

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