February 21, 2011

The Social Network: Additional Thoughts

I re-read my post on The Social Network and I realize that I didn't say a whole lot about the actual movie.  Here are a few thoughts....

~The beginning scene bothered me. It is okay, but the extremely fast talking almost seems silly.  The main question is how a guy like Mark Zuckerberg ever started dating a girl like that in the first place.  I wondered how in the world he could have ever been charming enough to land that chick. How did they meet? How long had he even been dating her?

~I didn't enjoy that the impetus for the creation of Facebook was a girl breaking up with him. There was this whole feeling that Zuckerberg was a social outcast. He wasn't a member of the clubs. He was going to Harvard. He wasn't that bad off.  I will accept that he was a college aged boy... not the most well rounded demographic.  However, he always seemed a little bit too immature at times, and too clever at other times.

~David Fincher does a great job directing.  I tend to like anything he does. I enjoyed the smaller stylistic choices, ie the boat race sequence.  I've heard it was shot with the tilt-shift style just because they had limited shooting time and it was advantageous to keep the background out of focus. Either way, I thought it was interesting.

~I really don't know where I fall on the Winkelvosses.  They have a valid argument, but I don't feel like they deserve any of the credit for what Facebook actually turned out to be.  Who knows what would have happened if Zuckerberg would have worked on their site first, but I have a feeling that it would have not turned into Facebook, and wouldn't be valued at nearly what Facebook is today.  They do seem a bit whiny to me. Part of my wants to tell them to shut up and get on with their lives. They got screwed, and they need to stop being bitches about it.  However, all that whining has already garnered them a ton of money. They still aren't happy about, so they will continue to whine, and they will probably get more money.  The movie painted them in more of a positive light than I see them in.  Not sure what to think about that.

~Jesse Eisenberg does a really great job in the lead role of this film. He is well suited to play the part. I don't know if the movie would have worked nearly as well with somebody else. Still, I felt like there was a lot more that we could, and should have gotten out of his portrayal of Zuckerberg. I still feel like the character was a little too slick, but it worked well.

~Justin Timeberlake as Sean Parker was interesting. Zuckerberg looked up to him and wanted to be him, even though he was a total joke. It is once again one of those things where it is sad to think that these are the type of people that are able to succeed in the internet age.  I feel like we were supposed to think Sean Parker had some insight and understanding into what was going on, but his character didn't come across like that to me. I felt like it was all a show, and he was really an idiot.  So there was no reason he should ever be involved with any company.  

~There was a lot of talk about Reznor's score. Both times I watched it I kind of forgot about the music. I didn't stick out to me, so that probably means it was pretty good.  The only time I really notice a score is when it seems awkward or out of place.  I'm pretty sure I liked the music, but I will try to pay more attention next time I watch it.

~The "payoff" of the movie was initially disappointing for me. I expected something more out of it. Considering how many liberties were taken with the story already, I thought there would be something at the end to spice it up.  Upon my second viewing I was more okay with it as it was expected. Did anybody really like how it ended? I mean, it was fine, but there wasn't a penultimate scene to take us home.... or did I miss one.

~Zuckerberg pushing Eduardo out of the company was kind of a dick move. Should I be trusting him with my data?

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