March 20, 2011

The Low Point Of My Film Year

Every year around this time my film watching hits a pretty substantial lull. The weather is starting to get nice, so I am spending less and less time indoors. College basketball season it reaching its pinnacle, so the time I do spend in front of the tv is mostly spent watching sports. During the week American Idol is wasting three hours of my idle time. I have also been reading a lot more lately. I haven't seen a film in over 2 weeks. I tried to watch The American last night, but ended up turning it off about 30 minutes in.

Not only do I tend to stop watching film around this time each year, but I also seem to stop caring about all the film news and rumors. I still make sure and listen to the weekly Filmspotting and /Film podcasts, but other than that I don't spend a lot of time keeping up with all the stuff that's going on. Everybody is starting to talk about the summer movies, and I tend to disengage. It seems like a bad time to try keeping up with a film blog.

There are quite a few movies I want to watch on Netflix instant, so I'm sure I will make time for them in the coming weeks. I'm in the midst of a job change right now and I am going to be really busy for the next few weekends. I already feel like I am neglecting the blog as it is, but it is likely to get worse over the next month. But who knows, I might find time to watch a few films that I just can't wait to write about.

I feel like I cannot adequately write a post about The American because I only saw 30 minutes of it. In that half hour is was extremely slow and tedious. I can't imagine the film doing anything to redeem itself by the ending. The plot hadn't materialized at all by the time we gave up. It seemed to be a character piece, but I had found nothing compelling about that character. I do think there were some nice shots, but nothing interesting enough to make the film worth finishing. At the time I turned it off there were no other characters for Clooney to engage with. I like him as an actor, but he can't carry a film all by himself. His strength is engaging with other characters, and that just wasn't happening in The American. Maybe it did later on, I didn't wait to find out. If you really enjoyed the film I feel kinda bad for panning it after watching only 30 minutes.

I will try to post again later this week, it just depends on how much time I have, and what movie I watch. I'd like to see Chloe. It is available on instant right now. So maybe I will write about that. Does anybody else feel the springtime movie lull, or is it just me? I suppose if I were a true film lover I would push through and force myself to continue watching tons of movies. However, I am also a golf lover, a cycling lover, and just generally enjoy being outdoors. In a few months the heat of the summer will be here and I will be back in the AC and on the couch watching movies.

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