November 28, 2011

Maybe 'We Bought A Zoo' isn't gonna totally stink

When I saw the commercial for the film We Bought A Zoo I completely wrote it off, not even realizing it was a Cameron Crowe film. I've really enjoyed what he has offered up in the past.  Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire are both memorable movies that have plenty of re-watchability. Even though Elizabethtown didn't get much love, I thought it was decent and pretty charming.  Maybe We Bought A Zoo was coming too close on the heels of Kevin James's Zookeeper, but for some reason I assumed it was going to be a major stinker.

This Slashfilm post definitely makes me question my initial reaction. It seems the film is nothing like I had imagined it would be based on the trailer. Maybe it was bad marketing. I should have realized it had potential when I saw Matt Damon was starring in it.  I'm still not going to make a trip to the theater to see it, but it will be on the list for when it comes out on dvd for sure.

I guess I'm posting this because if you are anything like me you saw the trailer and felt content to never hear or see anything from this film again. It seems like it might be worth checking out. It doesn't seem like there will be any talking gorillas anyway.

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