December 15, 2011

Does the Dragon Tattoo remake deserve to exist?

I think this question is totally ridiculous! Of course it deserves to exist. If somebody wants to attempt making art, why should anybody stop them? However, there might be a few people who wouldn't agree. Which I find insane. I read a review from eonline and in the comments "Mal" chimed in with this insightful gem.

Not interested in the US remake of a foreign film with the main actress being the granddaughter of multimillionaires in football (the Rooneys and the Maras) Have you ever looked at how many of our entertainers are the heirs of fortunes. Wouldn't you like to have an entertainment job ala Paris Hilton as opposed to a real job like most of us have to have to survive? Not jealous, just a realist."
What! I got really confused when he started talking about football.
Or maybe "Jeez" better distills the sentiment I was looking for with his quote.

Why did they bother??? The original Swedish version is the best by far! I guess just looking for a quick buck for not much work.... Sad...

Yes. That is what I wanted. "The best by far..." The best what? I watched the Swedish version and I thought it was crap. It was one of the most uncreative and boring uses of a camera I've seen all year.  This is a prime example of a film that should be remade. Fincher is a talented director, surely he can bring something to this supposedly wonderful story.
Even so, I'm not going to be running out to the theater to park my butt in a seat. For me, this does not warrant the ticket prices. Rooney Mara looks super freaky in all the stills I've seen from the film. I'm not sure I want to see that hairdo on the big screen... or her murkiin.

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