January 19, 2012

The Golden Globes 2012

 I'm a little late posting about the Golden Globes. It has almost been a week. I'm not a big fan of the awards part of the awards shows, however I do like the spectacle and seeing the stars. Ricky Gervais hosted again this year and it was supposed to be SO funny because he is SO controversial and he says whatever the crap he wants. I expected him to be mediocre per usual, and he exceeded my low expectations for hosting/being funny. The overall show was fine. It was long, and we learned that The Artist is probably going to win a bunch of Oscars this year.

I stayed off of social media for the entire show. I wasn't even really thinking about it. When it was over I opened Twitter and was amazed by how many tweets had jammed up my stream over the last couple hours. I'd totally forgotten that every man, woman, and child with a twitter account has to live blog everything these days. There were so many failed joke attempts. I resisted the temptation to unfollow a ton of people. Even though there is a ton of garbage getting plastered on twitter every second I manage to avoid 99% of it because I follow a good group of people. I guess I shouldn't complain too much when a few film nerds want to tweet about an awards show. There were some really funny tweets out there. I'm sure I skipped over some gems, but I wasn't going to read them all.

I'm not sure how much longer we have to wait for the Oscars. If I were a true film buff I would have a count-down timer showing exactly how many minutes until the host cracks his first bad joke and the tweets start flying. This year I am extraordinarily un-excited for the awards. I haven't seen many movies this year and nothing really strikes my fancy. It looks like The Artist is the front-runner. While I haven't seen the film, the idea of it turns me off. I'm being judgmental again, so I should stop that. Even if The Artist does win everything it won't upset me. I don't have another film in the list I'm really pulling for. I guess it would help if I'd seen one. This is definitely a down year for my film viewing. I'm not even going to compile my 2011 stats.
Gosh, it sounds like maybe I shoudl find something else to blog about.

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