April 28, 2012

The future of this blog

I don't watch movies anymore. Well. That is a lie. I still watch them, just not very often. I don't have the time to sit and watch 3 to 5 movies a week like I used to. Then when I do watch a movie I definitely don't take the time to write anything about it on this blog. I've also been really bad about keeping up with the movie news. This means I haven't had much to say lately. I'd like to think I'll get back at it at some point, but right now this blog is suffering.

 I still plan to write because I enjoy doing it. I just don't know how often I will posting movie reviews. I've always favored posting long-ish reviews when I watch a film, but I might move towards shorter posts that aren't necessarily a review; rather just some quick thoughts. I don't want this blog to die, but that is the direction things are going. I guess we will see what I come up with.

Thanks for reading.