September 24, 2012

Nit-picking iOS

Everybody seems to be nit-picking Apple lately so I wanted to get in on the action. I have a couple things that bother me about iOS... one old, and one new.

You know how when you double-click the home button on your iPhone and this little tray lifts the icons up on the screen and reveals this dark linen business underneath? Well, I kind of like that... and that has been part of iOS for a while. A couple years ago they added the notification center that you could pull down from the top. I'm a fan of notification center, but the implementation bothers me.

If they had any concern for consistency they would have made it seem like you were grabbing the icon page and pulling it down, revealing the dark linen hidden beneath. All your notifications would have been sitting there, stationary, waiting for you. However, for some reason they chose to make it seem like you were pulling down a dark linen screen on top of the icons like a window shade. The notifications come sliding down with it. That makes no sense to me.

The thing I use most in notification center is the nice little weather widget to see the current temperature. Because it is placed at the very top, I have to pull the screen all the way down to get to it. If it were sitting behind the icons, I could just grab the top of the page, slide it down half an inch, check the weather, and pop it back up. Life would be so much better if the OS layers of the iPhone were consistent.

There is a new nit for me to pick with iOS 6. I am one of those people that leaves bluetooth off until I need it. I would go into the settings each time and arduously dig though the two levels of menus to get to the bluetooth switch to turn in on. In iOS 6 they moved the bluetooth out of the sub-folder and put it right on the top of the main settings screen. However... they still made you go into the sub menu to toggle the on/off switch. WHY!?!? Just a few pixels above it you have the Airplane Mode toggle and it works perfectly fine. Why do I have to click into the Bluetooth menu where I have only on option? Stupid.

Okay. That is all for now. How does everybody like their brand new shiny iPhone 5?

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