October 16, 2012

What I've been watching

What have I been watching lately? Football... and a lot of it. Between football and the new television shows I haven't watched many movies. I felt like writing, but there hasn't been anything on its own that seems worthy of writing about. Here is a rundown of a few of the things I've been taking in...

Comedy Central started Brickleberry, a animated series featuring Daniel Tosh. It is on Tuesday nights right after Tosh.0. So far it is okay, and that is all I can really say about it. It is funny in the "I'm not going to care about this show in a couple more weeks" kind of way. I'll probably keep watching it because it has made me laugh a few times, and it is short.

I watched the first season of Bob's Burgers on Netflix a couple weeks ago and I have been dvr'ing the new episodes on Sunday nights. I fell in like with that show really fast. There is something about it that I find hilarious. It took me a couple episodes to get over the fact that Bob has Archer's voice, and his wife is totally played by a dude. It is quickly rising up the list of favorite animated television series.

Modern Family was my favorite sitcom the year it premiered. Last year I think it faltered. It was still good, but not where it had been the previous year. So far this year it has been really great. Phil Dunphy is one of my favorite prime-time characters. The two-parter last week was a solid hour of television. I don't know how much life the show has in it, but this should at least be a good year.

Up All Night was a newcomer last year that both my wife and I really enjoyed. We have watched every show this year and so far I have been disappointed. I'm not 100% sure why, it just doesn't feel the same as last year. I really loved Christina Applegate and Will Arnett last year, but this year I have been a little annoyed with them. Maybe it is me who has changed, I don't know.

The Office is back. That one is hanging on by a thread, My dvr keeps recording it and I keep watching it.

I was really anticipating the return of The League last week and I couldn't have been more let down. It was a horrible half hour of television. It was not funny. At all. They were reaching for laughs, and I have a feeling they didn't get many. I can't recall a time where I have liked a show so much and then hated a season opening as much as I did this one. I can only hope this week is better. If it isn't I might quit the whole thing cold turkey. It was that bad.

Most of this stuff is throw-away television. I'm not sure I get any value out of watching it, but I still look forward to each week. It is weird. I would probably rather be watching movies, but it is so easy to turn the tv on in the background and take in some mindless tv. Listing it out it seems like I watch quite a few shows, and this isn't even all of them. Still, I have cut back. There is no room for anything else. I recorded the pilot of Revolution but deleted without ever watching it. I caught a few minutes of Elementary and failed to see why any human being would subject himself to that crap. I refuse to watch Glee this year, even though my wife still does. I can't stand watching The Voice or any of the other reality singing/dancing shows.

I don't know... aside from a few exceptions prime-time network tv seems to be in an awful state these days. Most of it is just plain bad.

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