November 29, 2012

Enterprises buying iPhones

My company is in the midst of completely transitioning away from using Blackberries. I found this article interesting.
While “BlackBerry continues to be the gold standard for security,” said the report, its lack of appeal progress in the consumer and developer market “hinders its viability going forward.”
Just a few weeks ago a coworker’s old Blackberry finally kicked the bucket. He had no interest in getting an iPhone so he planned to just get whatever the new standard Blackberry model was being handed out. He was surprised to find out the company was no longer supporting new blackberries. They were being completely phased out. He got a used BB to tide him over for a couple weeks while he begrudgingly waited for his new iPhone 5. The age of Blackberry is over and the people who are still trying to hang on to it are having it ripped from their fingers, and replaced with a shiny new iPhone.

I don’t know one person that uses an Android device as his company phone, nor do I know if it is even a possibility.

➡Enterprises buying iPhones ‘in droves’ | ZDNet

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