May 28, 2013

This American Life | Trends With Benefits

This weekend I spent a lot of time in the car, which gave me a good opportunity to catch up on a few of my favorites podcasts; This American Life, Radiolab, and even some Roderick on the Line.

This American Life and Radiolab are great programs I am usually not interested in government and politics, but when they choose to tackle it, This American Life does an excellent job at making the subject matter interesting and easy to connect with.

A few years ago their episode about the banking crisis called Bad Bank. It was excellent. A few weeks ago they had an episode about the growing problem of people drawing disability payments from the federal government. One thing I didn't realize is that when somebody starts getting disability they don't get counted in the numbers for well-fare and unemployment. Since states pay a large portion of the well-fare payments and none of the disability it is definitely in the states' best interest to get residents off of well-fare and onto disability. And of course, lawyers and companies in the private sector are taking advantage of the rules to make money for themselves. This episode is worth a listen...

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