June 27, 2013

New & Improved Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens are probably the shittiest writing pens out there. Still, ballpoints are the most commonly used pens. You will see them everywhere. As I have become more and more of a pen addict I’ve distanced myself from any type of ballpoint. But lately I’ve had a hankering to use ballpoints, and it turns out there are some pretty good options out there. Here is a rundown of what I’m using.

Zebra F–701: This is nice barrel, but the ink refill isn’t great. I would use it a lot more if Zebra had a better refill for this pen.

Uni-Ball Jetstream: This is the first ballpoint I used with the hybrid ink, and I was impressed. It is smooth and creates a clean and consistent line. The medium point gives a better line, but I prefer a fine tip pen, which isn’t quite as nice.

Pilot Acroball: I bought a 2 pack of Pilot Acroball pens from Jetpens a few months ago. Now you can find them in stores. I’ve seen them both at Walmart & Target. The Acroball uses a hybrid ink technology. It is smooth and consistent like the Jetstream. I like it better because it puts down a finer line, and I am all about fine lines and printing small. It is the best all-around ballpoint pen I’ve used. When I run out I will definitely buy more… which will be easy now that they stock them in stores.

There are other companies that make hybrid ink ballpoint pens, but I haven’t tried any others. I got a Fisher Space Pen and it is okay, but the ink isn’t nearly as nice as the Jetstream or Acroball. Those pens would be great if I didn’t have to use the cheap plastic barrel they come in. The refills don’t fit into any of my nicer metal pens so I will be on the lookout for quality barrel for the Acroball.

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