July 26, 2013

Who's That Girl

To me, Zooey Deschanel’s facial expressions are like “quirky” little nails on a chalk board. I had to leave the room when her Siri commercial from a couple years ago came on the television. There was no way I was watching New Girl. No way at all.

I’m not sure how or when my hatred for Zooey started. I thought she was fine in Elf, but I could barely stand 500 Days of Summer. So I guess it happened somewhere in between there. I have actively avoided anything she has been in ever since.

Then a couple months ago the first season of New Girl appeared on Netflix. I’d heard a lot of good things about the show and I was interested enough to try to get past the fact that it starred my nemesis. I took a week to meditate and try to make my mind forget the word “adorkable” exists. I was ready to give the pilot a shot.

I found the show surprisingly tolerable. They played up Jess’s crazy quirky behavior just like I thought they would, but I didn’t absolutely hate it. I even laughed a few times. We decided to keep going; see where this train would take us.

We are probably six episodes in now and I like it. Exposing myself to Zooey has been therapeutic. It is helping me to get past whatever ridiculous phobia for her I had developed in my mind. I actually find the Nick character to be more annoying that Zooey’s Jess. It is a pretty good show and I think it is really helping me grow as a person.

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