August 23, 2013

Like a Gentleman, I Bought Breaking Bad

I finally made the decision to buy the final season of Breaking Bad on Amazon instead of iTunes. That night we sat down to watch “Blood Money”. I was so excited. About 15 seconds into the episode it froze, and we got an error that our bandwidth wasn’t high enough to stream at this time. I busted out my phone and did a quick speed test on our 18 Megabit Uverse service. We were getting less than 1.

I reset our router and it was no better. I tried watching it on the iPad, no dice. It was a frustrating experience. We were on the cusp of watching this show that we had waited so long to see, and then our internet service takes a major dump.

The whole time I was kind of wishing I had decided to buy the season on iTunes instead of Amazon, but I don’t know if it would have been any better. We finally got it working but the quality was horrible. I purchased the HD version, but what we got was less than standard definition for sure. I’m really hoping it will be better for the final 7 episodes.

I’m thinking about writing a post on each episode this season. Hopefully I will have my “Blood Money” post ready in the next couple days.

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