October 9, 2013

Field Notes Drink Local

I grew up on a dairy farm in Indiana. My father would get these little notebooks from various seed companies or other farm related products and services. He'd carry them around in the truck and use them to write things random things down. As a kid I'd take some of the nobooks and draw my little pictures.

Last year I became intrigued by a Chicago company that makes tiny little notebooks that are very similar to the ones we had on the farm. They even came out with a national crop edition that was an omage to the very notebooks I'm speaking of. I had to buy a 3 pack. Then I bought another....

I am just now filling up my second notebook, but I have purchased 4 3-packs. They come out with a new design each quarter. I said I was going to skip a few editions and work on filling up the books I have. Then they released this fall's "Drink Local" edition. I bought a pack. It even comes with a coaster.