December 3, 2013


I started writing about movies on my MySpace page back in 2006. That was far from ideal, so I eventually decided to set up a blog. While that blog has changed names several times, and looks totally different every year or so, I keep on posting. However, if something like Letterboxd had existed back then I never would have set up this blog in the first place.

I heard about Letterboxd almost a year ago and created my profile. I then proceeded to never update anything on it. For some reason I have come back to it in the last couple weeks. It is fun to read through other people’s reviews and see what everybody else is watching. The list creation functionality is pretty cool also. It is a lot of fun.

I think Letterboxd is an awesome way to track what you are watching and share your thoughts. It has some really good summary reports too. Back in 2006 I watched a ton[1] of movies, and it would have been perfect for what I wanted to do. But I am glad it wasn’t around. I’ve had fun creating and writing on this blog.

  1. “Ton” is completely relative. I watched a lot more back then than I do now, but I follow people on twitter that watch more in a month than I did in a year.  ↩