January 17, 2017

I am about to write a post that fits into a sub-genre of blog posts that I don’t really like. It is the post where I explain that I haven’t been posting lately, and try to explain why. I might even tell you that I am planning to post a lot more going forward. I’m not even going to give this post the satisfaction of having a title. It is just going to be logged in the archives as a random untitled update, so it barely even counts as a blog post at all.

I started this site years ago to write about movies. These days I don’t watch all that many movies. I have definitely lost my “film nerd” classification. Nowadays when I do watch movies I don’t necessarily feel the need to share my opinion on the Internet.

In general, I am not sure whether writing on the Internet is even a worthwhile endeavor. I go back and forth on the subject. More often than not I think writing for (the idea of) an audience is a good thing for me. It forces me to consolidate thoughts and processes them into coherent ideas. When I don’t write for long periods of time I find myself missing it.

So here we are.

If I want to write a blog I think I am supposed to decide what I want my blog to be about. I think I am supposed to be specific. I need to find a niche. People want to read about a single thing, that is the only reason they will keep coming back. That is a problem.

I tend to believe the area of film criticism is covered by tons and tons (and tons) of writers on the internet. I don’t honestly believe I am bringing anything new or noteworthy by writing about my thoughts on a movie. That idea used to discourage me. It still might. Still, I plan to continue to write about movies, television, and media in general. I also plan to write about other stuff. I don’t know what yet.

Like most people, I think about a lot of things. Most of those thoughts or concepts rattle around in my brain for a while and then they are gone. Time permitting, I would like to write down my thoughts on whatever it is that happens to be passing across my synapses. Sometimes I may form those into a blog post. Sometimes I will post those blog posts.

Anyway. Stay tuned.