June 1, 2018

Westworld S2E06 - Phase Space

I failed my mission to post about every single episode of season 2 of Westworld. I was traveling for work and watched most of last week’s “Akane no Mai” sitting in an airport at 1am. I’m not sure if my negative impression of the episode was from the environment, or the fact that it was a complete side-track from the show we had been watching.

There were two main things we learned from the episode. Maeve was able to further her powers of control so that she didn’t even need to speak in order to make a host do whatever she wants. Delores turned Teddy into an aggressive murderous host that would do her bidding.

Season two has been building and getting better up through episode 4. Episode 5 was a strange one that didn’t fit in with the overall story very much. Episode 6 “Phase Space” was a regression for me. It felt like we were spinning our wheels. The season felt pretty tight and focused up to the last two episodes.

I didn’t like how Delores looks immediately regretful of creating evil Teddy, but he wasn’t doing anything that she wouldn’t have done a couple episodes ago. It feels like they are setting up a major betrayal that will lead to Teddy dead in the water. I just don’t think the storytelling has been very well done up to this point.

I keep waiting for the Maeve storyline to connect with me. I’ve tried to stay on board with the symbolism and meaning we are getting from Samuri World, but I am not sure how important it will be in the end. I hated out surprised Maeve was that “her daughter” had another mother at the homestead. What did she expect?!? Maeve is supposed to be smart. Didn’t she realize her robot daughter would have been programmed to love another? Maybe Maeve can use her powers of persuasion to bring the daughter back to her side.

I also feel conflicted about “the cradle”. This is a concept that we had no idea about before this episode. It is a game changer that allows them to do so many tricks with time and reality. It explains how Ford has still been able to have control over things, but it also feels unfair in some way. The introduction of this further-removed-from-reality copy of Westworld just seems like a bridge too far for my appreciation of the show. I’m not sure where I am willing to draw those lines, but it just does’t feel fair.

I do like the concept of Delores running the fidelity tests on Bernard/Arnold in the cradle. I am not how that came about or where that is going to go, but I feel like when Bernard disconnects from “the matrix” he is going to have an Arnold concisoness in his mind egg.

Anthony Hopkins playing Ford was my favorite thing about Westworld season 1. I enjoyed his philosophical ramblings. I feel his absence in this season. They need something to make the show feel more profound. Nobody else in the cast has been able to step into that role that Hopkins filled last year. I am excited to see him back. I don’t know how much of a role he will play in the rest of the season. Presumably “the cradle” gets destroyed somewhere in the next 4 episodes. I imagine it will play a big role in the next couple episodes anyway. Hopefully we get some of the Hopkins magic.

I think the last 3 episodes were the strongest of Westworld season 1. I am hoping for the same strong ending in season 2 as well.

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