November 23, 2020

Quote Database

I am a collector of quotes. Over the years I haven’t had a centralized place to put them. I’d paste them into whatever note-taking app I happened to be using at the time. I tried to centralize everything into Quotebook years ago, but that didn’t work either.

I find myself in a situation where when I find an interesting quote I have no idea where to put it. I have quotes scattered in sever different places and I don’t usually even remember where I decided to save my quotes to. I definitely have some entries in my Day One journal tagged as quotes. I have a single note in my work OneNote with a list of quotes. I have a physical Baron Fig notebook with a bunch of quotes I have written out. I am sure there are several quotes scattered around my old Evernote.

In the last few months I have started using Notion. I have a great book tracking workflow that I have been using. I am thinking that Notion could be a great place for a quote database. I have also started using Obsidian to collect ideas and inspiration. This could also be a great place to keep my favorite quotes.

My next step is to research workflows for saving quotes in either Notion or Obsidian. I am sure somebody has published something online for each of them. I will see what they look like and steal whichever one seems to make the most sense for me. I am sure I will also continue to write down quotes in my notebook.