February 13, 2010

#058: A Perfect Getaway

I knew very little about this film going in, and that is really the only way to watch it.  Therefore, I am not going to give much of anything away about the plot.  I will say A Perfect Getaway is a "who-done-it" thriller that tries to keep you guessing.

From the beginning I felt disconnected from the characters.  It is not a problem with the film, I just didn't get into it right away.  It seemed to take quite a while to gain any momentum.  It was able to slowly develop a sense of tension and mystery, but through the middle I still wasn't feeling invested in what was going on.  Having said that, the climax of this film was surprisingly intense and effective.  If you are really into the film from the beginning I can only imagine the ending will even be more exciting to watch.

Part of my problem with the beginning is that I was expecting a more traditional thriller.  There usually seems to be an inciting incident that sets off a chain of events, or creates a mystery.  This film doesn't take that route.  Rather is allows you to spend time with the characters and watch them go about their business.  I have to credit the film for choosing the route it did.  I think all the time we spend getting to know the characters in the first part is what makes the ending work as well as it did for me.  However, if you are looking for a film to hook you in with intense action from the start, this isn't going to indulge you.

Overall I would recommend A Perfect Getaway as an enjoyable rental.  Knowing nothing about the plot of the film helped the premise to be more impactful, and made the last act of the film a lot of fun to watch.  Don't expect to be blown away by some amazing twist; just expect to be entertained by a well constructed thriller.


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