February 22, 2010

#062: Adam

This 2009 film is about a guy named Adam who is living with Asberger's Syndrome.  A cute girl moves into his building and we get to watch the awkwardness ensue.  The premise of the film is decent, and has potential to be pretty good.  It starts out seeming heartfelt and sweet.  However, early on it gets really lame really fast.  Pretty much as soon as the neighbor girl Beth walks on the screen this movie goes downhill.  Everything goes corny and it is ridiculous.  The acting is horrible and every serious moment feels contrived and completely unbelievable.  I was expecting this film to teach us something about Asberger's, but at some point I felt like the movie was just mocking it.  Saying this film informs the public about Asberger's is like saying Tranformers teaches us about the inner workings of an automobile.
This film amounts to nothing more than a melodrama that attempts to pull your strings with cliche narrative.  Everything about this film felt fake.  So much so that I can't imagine anybody actually falling for it.  I have been accused of being cynical before, but even Conan would have to admit that this film is a steaming pile of manipulative crap. The dialog is horrible.

Adam's life if filled with routine.  He eats macaroni and cheese every night.  Beth convinces him to go out to dinner one night and he it totally freaking out.  She orders him fettucini alfredo and they take it outside to eat so he can relax.  He opens it up and exclaims, "Hey, macaroni and cheese!"  Are you freaking kidding me.  This movie is full of moments like this, and that isn't even one of the worst ones.

I cannot and will not recommend this movie to anybody.  I find it hard to believe that it got as many positive reviews as it did.  I guess I am the only asshole who couldn't see any of the heart.  I have seen after school specials and daytime soaps that were made better than this film.

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