July 26, 2012

Elementary - Coming This Fall to CBS

This past week I heard CBS is coming out with a new show this fall based on the Sherlock Holmes franchise. I think this is awesome. The Conan Doyle literary classic hasn't been bastardized enough in the recent past. I definitely can't wait to see what new fresh take they are going to have on the characterizations. The best part is that it won't be set in London like every other Sherlock Holmes story we have ever seen. No, this one is going to be in New York. And check this out. Instead of John Watson it is going to be Joan Watson. Yep. A girl. Lucy Liu specifically. So original!

It is obvious why this series has to exist. I don't think CBS has ever had a detective/cop prime time series an hour in length. It is great to see them stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking a risk. And to set such a series in New York City. Unprecedented! Every scene of this new show is undoubtedly going to feel so original and creative. In fact, I got an inside scoop on one of the new exciting twists. We are so used to seeing Holmes use his powers of deduction to solve cases. This Sherlock won't have any skill like that. Instead he will have a dog named Frisco that he feeds Scrabble tiles. Frisco will then shit out the answers to the mysteries on the living room rug. Amazing! The case is solved and everybody can have a laugh about Joan Watson cleaning up the poo.

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