July 2, 2012

Ted wins the weekend

I'm not a fan of the acting talents of Mark Wahlberg, and I really don't like teddy bears all that much. Still, I am interested enough in Ted to want to check it out. It opened Friday and won the box office weekend with $54M. Not bad. Most of the buzz I've heard about it has been positive. Still, I am perfectly willing and able to wait for the dvd to come out.
Scott Mendelson wrote on his blog about a positive trend this summer movie season.
This weekend represented a shining example of the two best trends in mainstream moviegoing this year. As I wrote, we've seen a real upswing in both mid-to-low-budget mainstream fare that aren’t especially ‘tentpole-ish’ as well as a huge upswing in the number of R-rated films being released by the major studios. As such, two of the four wide releases this weekend were both R-rated and all four were relatively small-scale and in 2D.
Another positive, they weren't sequels or reboots. Negative, one was a Tyler Perry movie. Somewhat hypocritcally for me, there is no way these movies were going to get me to the theater this weekend. However, I would like to see The Amazing Spiderman, and I hope to be there opening weekend for that little Batman movie that comes out later this month.
➞ Mendelson's Memos

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