February 9, 2014

Bad Grandpa

I was the correct age and gender to get maximum enjoyment out of the Jackass tv series and first movie. The subsequent movies have so been great , though it was clear in Jackass 3D that the crew was getting a little too old for the shenanigans. I actually didn’t think we’d ever see another movie from them, so I was a little surprised when Bad Grandpa came out.

Bad Grandpa has some funny bits, but they pale in comparison to the Jackass hijinks of old. They tried to weave in way too much narrative. It felt like Borat, but the funny parts weren’t as good. In the hierarchy of low-brow comedy it is definitely in the bottom half, but that isn’t all bad considering Johnny Knoxville and friends own the top.

There are a few segments of Bad Grandpa that are definitely worth seeing. However, I don’t think there are enough good parts for me to recommend watching the entire thing.

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