February 4, 2015

Budweiser's Anti-Craft Beer Super Bowl Advert

Like most 30 something guys trying to seem awesome, I am into craft beer. I pretend that I can taste the subtle flavors each brew offers so I can discuss them in detail with my friends. In the past six months I’ve had some amazing beer, but I’m still very much a novice.

I was surprised to see Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad the other night taking shots at craft beer. I didn’t understand what their motivation could be to pit micro & “macro” beer drinkers against one another. Maybe normal people will delight in the idea that while drinking a Bud they are simultaneously mocking a pretentious mustachioed democrat. Still, I’m not sure how this commercial is going to stem the slide in sales Budweiser has experienced.

This article in Paste Magazine makes some good points about the advert…
And moreover, how stupid does Anheuser think the average viewer is? The effectiveness of anything in this commercial is almost entirely dependent upon the consumer’s ignorance—they’re praying you’re too stupid to realize that it’s all BS.
It seems impossible to me that there is an argument to be made for Budweiser beer tasting better than a good craft brew. I was amazed when I checked social media after the ad ran and saw how many people heard the rallying cry and were ready to go out and buy some Beechwood aged golden suds then punch a hipster in the bowtie.

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