February 15, 2015

Uni Kuru Toga Roulette - My Pencil of Choice

This week Mike Dudek posted about the Uni Kuru Toga Roulette on his blog1. After years of only using pens I have returned to graphite over the past several months. My return to pencils started with the classic Golden Bear, and then I went ahead and bought some Blackwings; both the 602 and Pearl. The 602 is one of the best pencils I have ever used. The Pearl is amazing as well, but I just slightly prefer the 602. I will always keep a dozen of them on hand. Still, you have to keep woodcase pencils sharpened, so they are not always convienent.

I could not return to graphite without exploring mechanical drafting pencils. In college I used cheap Bic pencils for all of my engineering homework, but I coveted the fancy metal pencils with knurled grips. I couldn't justify spending the money back then, but nowadays I went ahead and bought the Rotring Rapid Pro and the classic Rotring 600. Both of those are amazing pencils, but they aren't the pefect pencil.

When I heard about the Kuru Toga Roulette I knew I had to have one. See, anytime you write with a pencil the lead gets worn down making a flat spot. You have to turn the pencil in your hand as you write with it to keep a sharp point. Well, the Kuru Toga Roulette does that for you. Every time you put a little bit of pressure on the graphite, it has an internal mechanism that spins it for you. Genius! I went to the local Walmart and bought one of the plastic ones. It immediately became one of the best pencils I owned. When I found out that made a metal version I had to get it. The Kuru Toga is my favorite pencil by far. Combined with some 3B lead, it creates a great graphite writing experience.

I use the Kuru Toga Roulette for most of my work notes and to-do lists. I bring it home every weekend for planning out projects at home as well. The spinning lead makes the graphite line so sharp and consistent. It is is unparalleled by any other pencil I have ever used. If you like writing in pencil I would highly recommend you try out the Roulette. The metal version is under $10 on Amazon. It is totally worth it!

➔ Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm - Gun Metal — The Clicky Post
  1. The Clicky Post is one of my favorite pen blogs out there. I'd highly recommend following Mr. Dudek.  

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