April 20, 2024

Fallout on Amazon Prime

This week I watched the first season of Fallout on Amazon Prime. I've never played any of the video games and I didn't know anything about the characters or plot going in. I can't speak to anything on how similar or different the show is from the games. 

I enjoyed the show enough to watch it in its entirety in just a few days. Walton Goggins as "The Ghoul" is the best character by far. From the beginning I wanted to know more about his story. I like how the show used the entire season to unveil it. It kept me engaged the entire way. 

The rest of the show was... fine. I enjoyed the humor. The story is good. The other characters were not great in my opinion. It has interesting grey areas and heroes becoming villains becoming heroes. That all makes the show interesting. However, for me it all felt a bit silly. The character and performance of Walton Goggins is at another level, and the rest of the show does not rise to that level. 

Overall a solid watch. I liked what I got, but still wanted a more. Fallout has been picked up for another season and I will definitely be watching when it comes out.

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