April 14, 2024

Is Tiger Done?

Tiger woods came out for The Masters this year and had a pretty good showing in his first 2 rounds. That was followed up by his worst round ever at Augusta National on Saturday, and a decent showing on Sunday. 

For some reason when he walked off the course today it had a feeling of finality. I am not sure how many more competitive rounds we are going to see from Tiger. Even though he hasn't played a whole lot lately, he has still been looming over the game. It will be weird to have confirmation that he isn't playing anymore. To be honest I thought Tiger has been done a few times before, so I guess you never know. 

I doubt we will ever see Tiger involved in golf media. I am looking forward to seeing Charlie Woods hit the professional scene. Maybe we will see Tiger on the bag. 

Tiger has been a fixture in the golf world since I was in middle school. It will be weird to not have him playing anymore, but it seems inevitable, and not too far away. 

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