May 30, 2012

The Killing Season 2 - Three Episodes Left

I have been dvr'ing episodes of The Killing this year and just this past weekend I caught up to everybody else. I have stuck with The Killing even though it got a lot of hate, and I am glad I did. I was just as mad as everybody else with how season 1 ended. I think we all got the sense that we had wasted a ton of time. I was skeptical going into season 2. I thought for sure we would know who the killer was in the first couple episodes, but I had no clue how they were going to keep the show going after that. I was wronge. We are now coming into the home stretch of season 2 and, guess what, we still don't know who the killer is.

From the beginning the thing I liked least about the show is the political side of the story. It became a much larger part of the story in season 2, but fortunately it started to be somewhat interesting. It is still my least favorite part, but at least it is watchable. As we build to the end they are bringing more of that in, but I am hoping it slacks off a bit as we get closer to the finale.

There is litle chance the end is going to live up to the slow burn hype they have been creating over the past 2 seasons. It is a little bit like LOST in that way. They never were going to be able to create a satisfying ending to that mess. Unlike LOST, the entire success of The Killing isn't dependent on the writers creating a satifying ending that ties everything up. It was clear from the end of season 1 that I shouldn't be too focused on the final reveal. I have been able to throughly enjoy the process of getting to where we are at this point in season 2 without even really thinking about the ending. I'm not sure how they are going to wrap everything up, but it really doesn't matter to me as it makes sense.

I'm sure a lot of people gave up on The Killing. I almost did. Every now and then I will question why I'm still watching, but then there will be a great scene that reminds me why I keep coming back. It may not be the best show out there. It may not even be the 3rd best show on AMC. Still, it is worth watching. I'm looking forward to the next 3 weeks.

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