May 21, 2012

A slight blog change

Messing with my blog code is one of my favorite things, and I've been doing a lot of it lately. Not writing in my blog or doing anything productive, but making minor changes that are barely even noticeable.

I did make one fairly recognizable change. I used to use some code to auto create post summaries and a thumbnail. On the main page all the posts were equal height and I always thought that uniformity looked nice. I've used it for years. I used it even before blogger had the functionality for page breaks, which was a major driving factor for instituting it in the first place. I've grown tired of it. I'm going to start using the standard jump-link format. It means I have to go back and fix every post I've ever put on on here, but I will work my way through them eventually.

The other significant change is I added the little permalink star to the right of the title. This is a link that will take you to the individual post, where you can see the byline, the label info, and leave a comment if you please. This would normally be accessed by simply clicking on the post title. I am now using that to link directly to an article or post that I am writing about.
I enjoy reading stuff online and if it is interesting I will link to it from here. This new format will be a little more conducive to that.

I would love to only have the permalink star out there in the case where I am linking off the page with my title and not just creating a normal post. I cannot figure out how to make that work. For now, every post will have the star. It will always be there to take you to the full post. The post title might take you to a full post, or it might take you off the page.

I think that is about it. I re-did some css, but nothing major. Blogger give users a lot of flexibility to get in there and mess things up, but the code is a mess to look through. I have a few more things I want to work on, but I've spent enough time staring at code for now.

As far as media consumption goes... I'm still working my way through The Killing S2. I've got the final episode in the Sherlock series to get to in the next couple days. And there is a whole bunch of Community eps waiting for me on the dvr.

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