May 6, 2012

Thoughts on The Avengers

There have been a ton of reviews written about Joss Whedon's Marvel film that just broke the record for biggest opening weekend. Most of those reviews tend to be really wordy and plot explainy, so I am going to try avoid all that. I'll make it fast.

I've seen both of the Iron Man films. I never saw that Hulk movie, and I have yet to see Thor or Captain America. There are a lot of tie in's, so I probably should have taken the time to view those, but I wanted to see The Avengers opening weekend, so I did. I freaking loved it. It was really good. I'm not a big comic book movie kind of guy, whatever that means. The Avengers was really good... and really funny too.

I don't think there has ever been a franchise like this before. 5 separate films all culminating into this one huge blockbuster with tons of characters. It could have been a mess. It almost should have been a mess. I didn't have high hopes. However, it is handled excellently; as well as it possibly could have. It all made sense. Each super hero gets adequate screen time and story time. No one dominated the film, yet everybody got their due.

I was pleasantly surprised by that balance. Iron Man has arguably been the most important character to this franchise, and Tony Stark is a big personality. It would have been easy to let him take this movie over. It worried me that he was front-and-center on the movie poster. However, they reigned him in. In fact, I liked Tony Stark way better in this movie than either of his own. I found him annoying and when he was the main man it was too much. The Avengers has the right amount, and he is written better in this one than he was in the others. I would venture to say he was my favorite part about The Avengers overall, which I didn't expect at all.

The Avengers is awesome. There is no doubt about that. I'm just concerned about where they are going to go from here.  There is for sure going to be an Avengers 2. Who is going to take the helm. Whedon has put something out there that is going to be hard to follow up. I doubt the next one will be as good, but I will be willing to shell out a few bucks in couple years to find out.

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