August 26, 2012

Apple, should I be excited?

Every year leading up the the new iPhone event I start to get excited. Last year was the most excited I'd been because my contract was up and I was looking to buy a new phone. It would be my first ever iPhone.  For the last 3 years I've got to say I've been let down with the iPhone events. Yes, the device is still amazing, but the improvements have been very iterative. It is tough to get excited for that stuff. There hasn't been anything "new" for a while now. I guess it is easy forget how revolutionary the iPhone 4 was with the form factor and retina display.

If Apple does announce another new form factor with a larger-screened iPhone I still don't know if will be enough. The 7 inch iPad might be coming too. Still, I want something new. Hardware is great, but I feel we are at a point where they need to revamp the software. iOS 6 has some cosmetic improvements, but it will feel like the same iOS we have known for years. It was an astounding operating system 5 years ago but now if feels tired. I still works great, but it no longer feels great. Apple is all about feel and polish. I would be surprised if they don't have something up their sleeves with the software. While I don't think they are going to fragment the OS for the smaller devices vs the larger devices, I still keep hoping they would do more with the screen real estate on the iPad. It is a great device, but it always seems so goofy to have the the little icons spread around on that 10 inch screen with all that blank space in between.

I guess we will see what happens in a couple weeks. I'm starting to check the rumor sites daily. Even though I probably won't get this iPhone I am irrationally excited for it just like every other year... and I'll probably be let down again.

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