August 27, 2012

Evil Mr. White

Up until a couple episodes ago I was still rooting for Walt to "win". He has been the hero of the series from the beginning. Even though he has been cooking drugs, I've always been rooting for him. The past two weeks have completely convinced me that Walt is evil. There is nobody to root for now. I guess I could root for Jessie, but I am not too sure about that either.
The week before last Walt brought up Gray Matter. We hadn't heard about that for a while. When we first learned about Gray Matter back in season 1 it seemed like Walt was the victim. His business partners screwed him. It was his idea that eventually made them tons of money, and he got none of it. When Walt brought it up again I saw the whole situation differently. It is hard to think of Walt as a victim now. Maybe Walt was never that guy we thought we were watching at the beginning. Maybe Walt has always been a ego-maniacal dirtbag. Maybe his partners did force him out of Gray Matter because he was starting to act like an idiot. Maybe if he had stayed with the company it would have never been successful. Maybe his pride would have run it into the ground just like everything else in his life.
At the beginning of the series Walt seemed to be so logical and pragmatic. He took into account all the variables and made the best decision. That man is gone. Now he is an irrational fool. I only want to see him crash and burn at this point. There is no way for this series to end with Walter on top, not with what has happened this season. Walt is a jackass. He has to go down. I'm not so sure Hank is going to be the one to do it, but who knows.
I was shocked by the level of irrationality Walter sunk to at the end of last night's episode. I should have knows things wouldn't go well for Mike as soon as he said he wanted to "get out". But what was even more shocking than the end of last night's episode is the week prior when Mike thought it would be okay to leave Walt with the methylamine with only a single zip-tie on his arm. It seemed so unlike Mike... the man who could see an assassination attempt coming from a mile away. I was excited when I realized Walt was going to use science to get out. Then I was a little disappointed with the result. It seems his ingenuity is going out the window along with his self control and sanity.
I'm starting to realize we only have one more week then we have to wait a full year to see the conclusion. What an amazing show!

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