March 15, 2015

Field Notes County Fair

I'm a big fan of these little Field Notes pocket notebooks. I've written about them before. This past week they announced their Two Rivers spring edition, which look amazing. I ordered two packs and I can't wait to get them. A few days ago I got a pack of notebooks that have been out for well over a year. I'm not sure how I missed them. They are right up my alley.

I live in Arkansas but I will always be an Indiana Hoosier at heart. I had to get a pack of the Indiana County Fair books. I grew up on a farm and raised pigs every year to take to the county fair. It was always one of my favorite things. I wish I would have had a pack of these notebooks back then to capture some of those memories. I also regret that I came late to the Field Notes party and missed out on the National Crop edition.

Some people wonder what the heck I write in my little notebooks. My answer is... everything. Any stray thought I have. I might make a list of things I need to get at the store. I might jot down a phrase that popped into my head. I'll make a to-do list. I'll keep a tab of things I need to knock out next weekend. There isn't anything extremely important in them. I just like to write things down... and things like to be written down. These books are perfect for that.

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